TRETA – The New Age Digital Currency Exchange
TRETA Exchange is the professional digital asset trading venue – secure and frictionless digital asset trading platform with deep liquidity, multi-currency and multi-token features. TRETA Exchange set high standards of compliance and provided compelling trading block sizes and tight spreads for diverse retail and institutional flows.

Reimagining the Digital Currency for a Better World
TRETA is a regulated Digital Asset Exchange owned by Quoqqa Pty Ltd in Australia which facilitates the trading of Digital Assets worldwide. Established in 2019 and successfully acquired ASIC license to operate Digital Asset Exchange. Our product offering will be the best in class providing all users with multi-angled services for all of their digital asset needs.

VISION: Become the largest Digital Currency Exchange provider in APAC by 2025 MISSION: To democratise access to Digital Currency Markets for investors and companies globally.

TRETA Digital Exchange
Own a Piece of the Future
Treta Exchange has unveiled an exclusive limited edition collection of 5,555 NFT memberships to the esteemed Treta Foundation for our valued community members. By possessing this NFT, you can avail various perks such as trading discounts, earning incentives through our referral program, and it comes with more $Treta now. For a comprehensive overview of these benefits, download our presentation now.
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The Most Trusted Digital Exchange – TRETA

Key Features


TRETA Token Model Our platform will also launch our own token that is designed to amplify user experience and to provide our loyal users with a better experience and lower fees. The token will allow users to have a chance to not only benefit from the growth of the platform but also to be able to participate in the growth. The TRETA token is a way we will use to reward our users and investors. The function and benefit of the TRETA token are as follows:
  • Discount
  • Staking Rewards
  • Burning
  • Payment
  • Status

Token Economic Model

Treta Token operates in a deflationary way. What this mean is that the total number of TRETA Tokens in circulation will decrease over time and through every transactions made. In doing so, we intend to trigger a possitive impact on the long term price as the total number of tokens inevitably becomes scarcer.

Breakdown of Token Distribution

In summary, the 500,000,000 tokens will be distributed as follows:




295 M


500 M


59 M

TRETA Roadmap

Team & Advisory

Discover Frequently Asked Questions from Our Support
  • TRETA is a regulated digital asset exchange that was founded in 2021 and licensed by Australia Securities and Investment Commission (ASICS). It provides Digital Asset to Digital Asset and Digital Asset to fiat trading pairings.

  • • Regulated Digital Asset Exchange ( Australia Securities & Investment Commission)
    • Strong Team background - We come from leading financial institutions and tech companies: Citibank, HSBC, Kenanga Investment Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Shell, Dell, HP, and Monster US.
    • Backed by Venture Capital – Kanzun Ventures Management
    • Potential revenue growth of companies in this industry

  • TRETA’s mission is to solve crippling flaws holding the space back and move the digital exchange space toward becoming institutional grade.
    TRETA’s vision is to operate the safest and the most trusted Digital Asset Exchange.

  • Redefine the way money is being transferred, spent, and invested, and democratize blockchain technology by designing beautiful, simple, and useful financial services that have a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives by using robust technology and strong compliance and risk management framework.

  • • Auto-Burn functions for every transactions on the network
    • Discounted for all the transactions in the exchange
    • Earn Staking & Farming Rewards
    • Payment currency for TRETA Pay
    • Launchpad for new projects

  • TRETA pays close attention to all areas of user safety at all times. The exchange keeps the funds in cold storage and provides two factor authentication (SMS and Google Authenticator) for logins and financial transactions, as well as a Whitelist for digital asset withdrawals, and FaceID/TouchID in our mobile application.

  • TRETA Exchange accepts both individual and corporate clients, offering institutional grade liquidity, a variety of order types, an advanced API (WebSocket and REST), and a variety of fiat deposit and withdrawal options, as well as security features like wallet whitelisting, 2FA (Google and SMS), and KYC, as well as low trading fees.

  • Yes.

  • Polygon

  • WebSocket and REST

  • TRETA will be launched in Q1 2023 and already received great feedback and investment partnership from Venture Capitals.

  • We will invite a batch of closed Beta users to our platform at the end Q3 2022.

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